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Precision Oncology News: Breaking News

Biond is also eligible to receive more than $1 billion in development, regulatory, and sales milestone payments, and tiered royalty payments.

The partners will use Adaptive's ImmunoSeq T-Map technology to analyze immune response to cancer antigens across AstraZeneca's oncology portfolio.

The firm also provided preliminary revenues of $950 million for Q4 and reinstated guidance of $3.79 billion to $3.88 billion for 2021.

The firms will provide access to tumor profiling tests for both tissue and plasma samples, specifically PGDx's elio tissue complete and elio plasma resolve assays.

Using single-cell and bulk RNA sequence data, investigators identified four pathway-based GBM subtypes, including a mitochondrial subtype that appears to respond to related inhibitors.

The firm plans to evaluate IDE397 as a monotherapy and in combinations with other drugs for patients with solid tumors with MTAP gene deletions.

Zai Lab paid $25 million upfront for rights to develop and commercialize TPX-0022 in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

The firm will garner exclusive rights to develop and commercialize ABI-009 in the Chinese territories and pay Aadi up to $271 million.

The company aims to use the methylation technology from its multi-cancer screening assay to detect minimal residual disease in early-stage cancer patients.

The firms will use Resolution's ctDx liquid biopsy technology to find non-small cell lung cancer patients who may benefit from Mirati's KRAS G12C inhibitor therapy.

Through the R&D collaboration with Karolinska's NextGenNK Center, the firm hopes to advance its ROR1-targeting CAR T cell and CAR NK cell treatments into the clinic.

The firm is evaluating enzastaurin plus chemo and radiation in glioblastoma patients with a biomarker, dubbed de novo genomic marker 1.

News items for the week of Jan. 4, 2021. 

The researchers identified molecular subtypes of head and neck cancer that could be susceptible to CDK inhibitor, anti-EGFR antibody, or immunotherapy treatments.

HalioDx operates a CLIA-certified lab through which OncoDNA will provide it molecular testing services to drugmakers studying precision cancer therapies.

The companies' treatments, paxalisib and VAL-083, are being studied in the GBM AGILE trial sponsored by the Global Coalition for Adaptive Research.

The firm hopes to begin evaluating its irreversible menin/MLL inhibitor in clinical trials for both solid and blood cancers in by the second half of 2021.

The company will put funds toward a Phase I clinical trial of CT-0508, a HER2-targeted CAR macrophage therapy, which recently began enrolling patients.

The company has acquired a SHP2 inhibitor and an ERK inhibitor through two worldwide licensing agreements and has begun testing the former in the clinic.

Hologic said that Biotheranostics' PCR-based gene expression tests have been validated in large studies in areas of oncology with high growth potential.

The company is evaluating its investigational PKC inhibitor with Pfizer's cMET inhibitor as a treatment for metastatic uveal melanoma patients.

Ikena will use the funding to advance its TEAD inhibitor into human trials and to pursue a preclinical program targeting KRAS signaling.

Opdivo plus chemotherapy extended survival for gastric cancer patients whose tumors expressed PD-L1 and in all comers in the Phase III CheckMate-649 trial.

After the CANTATA trial failed, the company said it will reduce its workforce and direct resources to advancing the drug in KEAP1/NRF2-mutated NSCLC.