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clinical trial

The firm is exploring whether the regimen may work for subgroups of patients with high TMB based on promising signals from the current failed analysis.

The company will seek FDA approval in advanced systemic mastocytosis, a disorder that can turn into cancer in 7 percent of children and 30 percent of adults.

The pandemic has underscored the importance of "bringing the trial to the patient," a concept that is likely to persist, particularly in precision oncology.

The study will enroll up to 125 patients who have FGFR2-altered cholangiocarcinoma and other solid tumors and are naïve to or have previously received a pan-FGFR inhibitor.

The collaborators said they're creating a solution for pharmaceutical clients that will encompass everything from patient recruitment to regulatory approvals.

The nationwide study will enroll prostate cancer patients who do and don't meet current guidelines and assess how access to genetic information impacts their care. 

The biopharma company is evaluating its experimental immunotherapy against HPV-positive cancers alone and in combination with a bifunctional fusion protein.

The company is using newly raised funds to support a disseminated trial model, which it said will help it keep its plans to finish the study by the end of 2021.

Two studies, one positive and one negative, give proponents and skeptics more data to parse in debating whether genomically guided treatment has broad value in lung cancer.

The drug giant is discussing the data from Impassion131 with regulators and will use the insights from the trial to inform future studies.