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The health system's Indianapolis-based Franciscan Health Cancer Center will adopt Deep Lens VIPER to match patients to trials based on the genetic profiles of their cancers.

AmoyDx aims to develop a companion diagnostic for Merck KGaA's non-small cell lung cancer treatment Tepmetko, which was recently approved in Japan.

OneOncology, a network comprising community oncology practices across the US, will bring its patient data to the research-focused partnership.

GeneCentric's RNA-based molecular profiling platform will identify relevant non-muscle invasive bladder cancer subtypes and markers for potential therapeutic options.

The agreement will facilitate key proof-of-concept studies for Hemogenyx's HEMO-CAR-T product in AML, where there is an unmet need for new safe and effective treatments.

The companies will collaborate on a trial evaluating the HER3-targeted antibody drug conjugate patritumab deruxtecan in combiantion with AstraZeneca's Tagrisso.

The company will provide proprietary algorithms for analyzing omics and imaging data to define predictors of drug response and identify new biomarkers.

The company is employing Guardant360 in a Phase III trial assessing the efficacy of the drug both in a larger population and in women who test positive for ESR1 mutations.

Through the partnership, Strata will use its next-generation sequencing test to identify advanced cancer patients with mutations in the MAPK signaling pathway.

The collaboration seeks to develop RNA-based signatures that could help oncologists predict disease progression and guide the use of precision therapies.