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North America

Researchers surveyed 171 physicians in the NCI-MATCH study to determine their tumor profiling practices and barriers to participation in future studies.

The partners will integrate CCPM's research biobank with personalized genomic information to develop and commercialize the saliva-based tests.

Carebox's system matches eligibility criteria from clinical trial databases with patients' health and genomic data to identify potentially relevant studies.

With an $11.8 million award, MCGI hopes to expand patient access to experimental precision oncology treatments and develop new tools for oncologists in Maine.

The companies will combine Neogene's expertise in targeting tumor neoantigens with Twist's DNA synthesis platform and product lines.

An Invitae-led retrospective study found almost a third of cancer patients who underwent germline genetic testing after tumor sequencing had pathogenic variants.

Investigators are conducting a prospectively designed, retrospective study of archived material from the NeoTRIPaPDL1 triple negative breast cancer trial.

Stanford and Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers have developed a multi-modal and multi-timepoint biomarker approach to predict therapeutic benefit in lung cancer cases.

The merger brings tumor profiling and liquid biopsy technologies for predicting and monitoring therapeutic response to Invitae's service offerings.

Sermonix will launch the ELAINE-1 study at Exactis Innovation network sites across Canada to study the activity of its drug in ESR1-mutated breast cancer.