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Endeavor Partners With xCures to Identify Patients for Tumor-Agnostic Trial

NEW YORK – Endeavor BioMedicines said Tuesday it is partnering with xCures to find patients with tumors bearing PTCH1 mutations for a Phase II trial of Endeavor's Hedgehog pathway inhibitor taladegib.

xCures uses artificial intelligence to analyze data from medical records and find treatments for patients who have exhausted the standard-of-care options. The company will identify patients who are potentially eligible for Endeavor’s trial on its xINFORM platform. If patients meet certain eligibility criteria but haven’t yet been tested for PTCH1 mutations, xCure will help them get tumor sequencing.

Those who ultimately meet all inclusion and exclusion criteria in the study will have the chance to enroll in the tissue-agnostic taladegib trial, which began dosing patients with tumors driven by PTCH1 loss of function mutations last week. Approximately 2 percent of all cancers harbor such mutations.

Meanwhile, patients who are ineligible for the trial will receive a personalized list of treatment options from xCures to discuss with their oncologist. "xCures is pleased to partner with Endeavor to help improve outcomes for cancer patients by helping them understand their treatment options and support them and their physician with access," Bryan Federowicz, VP of clinical operations at xCures, said in a statement.