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Isotopia, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Partner on Prostate Cancer Radiopharmaceutical Study

NEW YORK – Isotopia Molecular Imaging and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre on Tuesday announced they have partnered on a clinical trial evaluating a new radiopharmaceutical therapy for advanced prostate cancer.

Within the partnership, Isotopia will supply the medical radioisotope terbium-161, or 161Tb, which will be linked to a small molecule targeting prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA). The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Australia, in turn, will conduct a Phase I pilot study through its Prostate Cancer Theranostics and Imaging Centre of Excellence (ProsTIC).

Laboratory studies have suggested that 161Tb may be superior to lutetium-177, or 177Lu, in its ability to precisely target cancer cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. 177Lu, the radioisotope used in a number of radiopharmaceutical approaches including an advanced prostate cancer therapy from Novartis, is known for emitting beta radiation that travels only several millimeters.

161Tb, meanwhile, emits a radiation called auger electronic, which only travels the width of an individual cell, meaning the isotope could potentially kill even smaller microscopic cancer deposits. Isotopia and Peter MacCallum Cancer Center will further explore the suggested superiority of 161Tb versus 171Lu in the Phase I trial.

The partnership marks Isotopia's foray into a 161Tb-based radiopharmaceutical pipeline, which the Petach Tikva, Israel-based firm hopes to eventually commercialize.