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Servier will have an exclusive option to research, develop, and commercialize products for up to three of the targets identified by Celsius.

Oncocyte will receive upfront cash payments after transferring and installing DetermaRx, in addition to certain tests after it achieves inclusion in the US Comprehensive Cancer Network.

The Roche subsidiary will take over development of RLY-1971 and study it in combination with other drugs, such as its KRAS G12C inhibitor GDC-6036.

The partners are starting by testing patients with colorectal and thyroid cancers using the 648-gene Tempus xT assay, but could expand to other areas in the future.

The group aims to determine the feasibility of TROLL-2 and TROLL-3 as diagnostic biomarkers for the prediction of treatment efficacy and prognosis in breast cancer.

The test, called Immunoscore, is designed to predict the risk of relapse in early-stage colon cancer by measuring host immune responses at tumor sites.

Since its founding in 2019, the company has raised $55 million in seed funding from OribMed and 5AM, and in a subsequent Series A financing round.

The organizations said the test will determine and monitor the status of patients using an innovative blood-based mass spectrometry laboratory assay.

As part of the deal, Atara will receive $60 million upfront and be eligible for up to $610 million in milestone payments, as well as tiered royalties based on net sales.

Artios can receive $30 million in up-front and near-term payments, and up to $860 million per target if Merck KGaA exercises its exclusive development rights.

The combined company will focus on Viracta's precision oncology pipeline and lead product candidate for Epstein-Barr virus-positive cancers.

Blood samples

The test uses a targeted methylation sequencing panel to detect more than 50 cancer types across all stages and pinpoint a cancer's tissue of origin.

The Jerusalem-based drug developer is studying PLX8394 in patients with BRAF V600-mutated gliomas and solid tumors with non-V600 mutations. 

The UK-based firm will use the funds to advance its bespoke neoantigen-targeting T-cell therapies for solid cancers including melanoma and NSCLC.

Epic will access the center's liquid biopsy samples and expand its platform to in-depth characterization of cell-free fractions and circulating tumor cells.

The test will identify patients with squamous cell head and neck cancer caused by specific HPV infections for treatment with BioNTech's investigational BNT113.

The Swedish company will use the funds to grow its pipeline of antibodies to treat metastatic cancer and other diseases with the help of its Abiprot platform.

The funding will be used to complete enrollment for a Phase II study evaluating Elevation's lead product candidate seribantumab.

The deal joins Indivumed's collection of tissue biospecimens and immunohistochemistry expertise with Ultivue's multiplex immunofluorescence platform.

The companies aim to create new products enabling faster access to predictive information used in treatment planning for patients with breast cancer.