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The partners will use ReviveMed's AI-driven platform to better understand mechanisms of immunotherapy response and resistance in cancer patients.

ArcherDX said the firms aim to apply minimal residual disease monitoring in clinical-trial protocols and for future therapy optimization.

The funds from this sale of rights to Royalty Pharma will allow Agios to advance IDH inhibitors and other investigational drugs in its pipeline through clinical trials.

The Phase IB trial will test whether UbiVac's cancer vaccine combined with BMS' T cell agonist and Opdivo can stimulate anti-cancer immunity in advanced TNBC patients.

Glioma patients experienced tumors shrinkage, and some AML patients had a complete remission that allowed them to proceed to curative treatment.

Based on an eight-month progression-free survival advantage in Keynote-177, oncologists said that Keytruda may be the new frontline option for this subset of patients. 

The approval follows another recent approval for the two Bristol Myers Squibb agents without chemotherapy indicated for patients with PD-L1 scores of 1 percent or above. 

Bristol Myers Squibb is hoping that the durable responses seen with the combined immunotherapy drugs will convince doctors to prescribe it for their patients.

Clinicians will be able to use the assay to help identify patients with metastatic NSCLC for treatment with nivolumab and ipilimumab. 

This approval, based on the part 1a results from the Phase III CheckMate-227 trial, is the fifth indication for this drug combination.