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Breast Cancer

News and reporting on breast cancer.

The Broad Institute's CRISPR paralog screening platform will inform Ideaya's synthetic lethality-based target and biomarker discoveries.

Myriad Genetics' EndoPredict, Agendia's MammaPrint (distributed in Germany by PathoNext), and Veracyte's Prosigna will now be covered by public insurance.

The recently launched BRCA Care program may increase test access in six countries, though it cannot ensure access to downstream interventions based on results.

The company is studying lasofoxifene in combination with Eli Lilly's Verzenio in certain metastatic breast cancer patients with ESR1 mutations in their tumors.

Yourgene will provide its Elucigene DPYD tests to screen approximately 200 patients each month for the next year.

Investigators are conducting a prospectively designed, retrospective study of archived material from the NeoTRIPaPDL1 triple negative breast cancer trial.

Published data from the ExteNET trial show an overall survival benefit with Nerlynx versus placebo in HER2-positive disease after treatment with Herceptin.

Based on the study results, the score could be combined with other risk factors to improve predictions of contralateral breast cancer and stratify patients.

The randomized, Phase II trial will test ctDNA-guided second-line adjuvant therapy for stage II and III hormone receptor-positive, HER-2 negative breast cancer.

Sermonix will launch the ELAINE-1 study at Exactis Innovation network sites across Canada to study the activity of its drug in ESR1-mutated breast cancer.