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Colorectal Cancer

News and reporting on colorectal cancer.

At the annual meeting, researchers demonstrated how the growing real-world database can be useful in answering myriad research questions.

Colorectal Cancer Canada, which led the survey, will share the data with decisionmakers, hoping to increase understanding of access barriers and change health policy.  

The trial is evaluating Enhertu at two doses in metastatic colorectal cancer patients whose tumors overexpress HER2.

The assay is Guardant Health’s first commercially available product for clinical management of early-stage tumors and is initially focused on colorectal cancer.

If the team is successful in expanding on the results that they reported last month, it could open a new application for the still nascent circulating tumor DNA technology.

A case series in partnership with My Gene Counsel to highlight the challenges genetics professionals and oncologists are grappling with as genetic testing is increasingly used in patient care.

CellMax also completed a Series C financing round to speed up development of itsFirstSight liquid biopsy test to detect colorectal cancer and precancer polyps.

The joint venture will use Veraxa Biotech's high-throughput technology to select antibodies against Indivumed's targets, beginning in colorectal and lung cancers.

The joint venture, Ix Therapeutics, will use Veraxa Biotech's technology to develop functional antibodies against novel cancer targets.

The company will explore the activity of its lead candidate, BCA101, in several molecularly defined cohorts in the dose-expansion portion of an ongoing Phase I/II trial.