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endometrial cancer

The CHMP opinion is based on data from a Phase I/II study of dostarlimab in mismatch repair-deficient or microsatellite instability-high endometrial cancer.

The study may shed light on an ideal biomarker strategy for the antibody drug conjugate, which Sutro is exploring in ovarian and endometrial cancers.

The Phase III Keynote-775 study has shown that the combination improves overall and progression-free survival compared to chemotherapy.

NCI researchers performed a multi-platform study to elucidate the factors that can contribute to a patient's better-than-expected response to a drug.

Promega will develop its microsatellite instability assay as a companion diagnostic for Incyte's anti-PD-1 drug candidate retifanlimab in endometrial cancer.

More than 40 percent of women with advanced mismatch repair-deficient endometrial cancer had an objective response to GSK's anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody.

After surgical resection and two lines of chemotherapy, a patient with serous high-grade endometrial cancer had a complete response to the PARP inhibitor.

The groups have written draft recommendations and are now asking for public comment from pathologists and other stakeholders.

The team analyzed multigene panel test data from Ambry Genetics for 165,000 individuals, focusing on hereditary cancer risk related to 32 genes in six cancer types.

Investigators pooled older and new data from the Prospective Lynch Syndrome Database, tracking outcomes for different mutations across age and gender groups.