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The partners will develop a test to identify women most likely to benefit from VGX-3100, Inovio's immunotherapy to treat HPV-associated advanced cervical dysplasia.

The company plans to publish new data on clinical sensitivity and specificity and has initiated multiple studies investigating new use cases.

The test will identify patients with squamous cell head and neck cancer caused by specific HPV infections for treatment with BioNTech's investigational BNT113.

Based on the results of this Phase Ib/II trial, the drugmaker will explore the activity of TG4001 in a larger confirmatory study.

Patients with discordant p16 and HPV markers fall into an intermediate risk group, research presented at the European cancer conference suggests.

The test detects the presence of two biomarkers within a single cell associated with HPV infections that can progress to cervical cancer.

The biopharma company is evaluating its experimental immunotherapy against HPV-positive cancers alone and in combination with a bifunctional fusion protein.

The firm's investigational immunotherapy PRGN-2009 will be evaluated in patients as a monotherapy and in combination with an investigational bifunctional fusion protein.

The agency granted accelerated approval based on the vaccine's ability to prevent HPV-related anogenital disease, but a 6,000-patient study will assess its ability to prevent oral cancer.

PRGN-2009 showed anti-tumor activity in preclinical studies and now will be evaluated in humans as a monotherapy and in combination with a bifunctional fusion protein.