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multiple myeloma

The submission follows recently presented study data showing that the vast majority of patients on ciltacabtagene autoleucel responded to the therapy.

The organizations said the test will determine and monitor the status of patients using an innovative blood-based mass spectrometry laboratory assay.

In the study, more than 80 percent of multiple myeloma patients with BRAF V600E mutations saw their tumor shrink after receiving Braftovi and Mektovi.

By identifying these biomarkers, the partners hope to better predict which SMM patients will progress to multiple myeloma and ultimately develop new treatments.

Idecabtagene vicleucel is a B-cell maturation antigen-directed CAR T-cell immunotherapy being developed as a treatment for patients with relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma.

With at-home testing and online, patient-centered reports, the CureCloud initiative sets out to break down barriers to targeted treatment options while building a broad patient dataset.

Investigators plan to tap into large genomic and other datasets with an in silico patient to simulate drug responses, uncover treatment targets, and assess therapies.

GNS Healthcare will apply its AI and simulation technology to data from the CoMMpass study in search of insights on disease progression and drug response.

The team wants to create NK cell therapies from induced pluripotent stem cells and aims to achieve proof-of-concept for their technology in multiple myeloma.

The first phase of the study to evaluate Telo Genomics' telomere analytics as a prognostic solution for multiple myeloma is expected to launch in Q1 2020.