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myelodysplastic syndrome

The study comparing eprenetapopt plus azacitidine to azacitidine alone showed that the experimental combo did not significantly extend remission rates.

Increased incidental detection of clonal hematopoiesis and new considerations for mutations in myelodysplastic precursors herald improved precision medicine strategies.

Using OneThree's AI platform, Jubilant has identified biomarker-defined cancer indications that it hopes to pursue for JBI-802 in human trials next year.

With the FDA's acceptance of its IND application for the drug, the Boston-headquartered firm will begin studying it in TP53-mutated MDS patients.

The Phase I/II trial will assess the safety and efficacy of the CAR T cell therapy MB-102 for patients with three types of hematologic malignancies.

The program is in its third year monitoring individuals with these mutations to try to detect disease early, understand their risk, and develop preventive treatments.

Patients with two copies of mutant TP53 had worse survival and treatment response compared to patients with one copy who had similar outcomes to those with wildtype TP53.

Of the eight patients who received drugs recommended by the tumor board based on data from the drug sensitivity assay, 75 percent responded.

The drug, which is designed to restore normal functioning of p53, has allowed a promising proportion of TP53-mutated MDS patients to receive stem cell transplants in early trials.

Onconova will use Mission Bio's Tapestri platform to study rigosertib — a drug that Onconova is developing — to target the RAS mutation in myelodysplastic syndromes.