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Ovarian Cancer

News and reporting on ovarian cancer.

Researchers reclassified 86 percent of variants initially determined to be VUS, potentially changing surveillance or treatment approaches for patients.

The companies have worked together on a number of other cancer-related projects, including a companion diagnostic for the ovarian cancer treatment olaparib.

The first-in-human clinical trial will evaluate XL102 as a treatment for patients with advanced solid tumors, including breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers.

The study may shed light on an ideal biomarker strategy for the antibody drug conjugate, which Sutro is exploring in ovarian and endometrial cancers.

The TuPro study will evaluate whether a comprehensive suite of routine and emerging tests can add value to treatment decision making and improve outcomes.  

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare approved the molecularly defined indications based on data from the PAOLA-1, PROfound, and POLO trials.

The trial will evaluate VS-6766 as a monotherapy or together with defactinib in ovarian cancer patients, including those with KRAS mutations.

With the PARIS test, researchers identified several targeted agents that could help patients overcome PARP inhibitor resistance and may be worth further study.

The study, presented at the NSGC annual conference last week, supports the broader use of panel testing for cancer patients suspected of hereditary disease. 

The company has used its semi-closed electroporation system to manufacture autologous CAR T cells to treat ovarian cancer and leukemia patients in two trials.