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renal cell carcinoma

The study found immunomodulatory and angiogenesis gene expression signatures, mutational profiles, and HLA types could help predict how patients respond to therapy.

Researchers used whole-genome shotgun metagenomic sequencing to home in on specific bacteria associated with patients' response to immune checkpoint inhibitor treatment.

The Phase Ib trial will include exploratory analyses of patients' serum biomarkers and the correlation between HIF2a gene expression and response to ARO-HIF2.

Under the expanded collaboration, T-Cure and NHLBI will develop a companion test to identify HERV-E transcripts in patients' tumors.

Formerly the data analytics division of CTCA, Vidence is supporting an immuno-oncology trial for BMS as it looks to grow its network of hospital partners.

Though enrollment for the SAVOIR trial stopped early, results suggest that MET-driven advanced papillary renal cell carcinomas respond to savolitinib.

WUSTL will evaluate BostonGene's software, which integrates data from NGS with immunofluorescence imaging to profile tumors and their microenvironments.

With the help of a companion diagnostic, the firm plans to file a new drug application with the FDA for the previously abandoned TKI in the second half of 2020.

Three new studies have found that the presence of B cells in tertiary lymphoid structures in tumors is associated with a favorable response to immunotherapy.

Researchers have shown that the use of antibiotics in the weeks leading up to immunotherapy may lessen a patients' response to the treatment.