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With a new $16 million NCI grant, Count Me In is working with the Broad and Dana-Farber to engage osteosarcoma and leiomyosarcoma patients in their own care and in research.

The firm will garner exclusive rights to develop and commercialize ABI-009 in the Chinese territories and pay Aadi up to $271 million.

The global license extends to all indications under evaluation, though Rain will focus on exploring the activity of milademetan in MDM2-amplified or -overexpressing cancers.

The dose-finding study will now enroll up to 30 patients with sarcomas characterized by gene rearrangements similar to Ewing sarcoma.

An analysis of pediatric cancer survivors suggests subsequent neoplasm risk can increase after certain genotoxic treatments in those with DNA repair gene changes.

Researchers have identified immune cell gene expression signatures that could one day be developed into tests to predict response to treatment.

Three new studies have found that the presence of B cells in tertiary lymphoid structures in tumors is associated with a favorable response to immunotherapy.

In the hunt for an antigen in solid tumors that CAR T cells can target, researchers demonstrate the safety and efficacy profile of two such agents in early studies.

Genome and RNA sequencing led to recurrent EGFR and BRAF rearrangements in cryptogenic congenital mesoblastic nephroma and infantile fibrosarcoma soft tumors.

In a pan-cancer analysis, Lynch syndrome genes were mutated more often than anticipated in tumors with high or intermediate levels of microsatellite instability.