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The test analyzes substitutions, insertion and deletion alterations, and copy number alterations in 324 genes, along with some genomic signatures in solid tumors.

Data presented at ESMO showed that in 175 adults and children with more than 20 kinds of tumors the drug on average can stave off progression for more than three years.

Patients with metastatic solid tumors who are ineligible for surgical resection and who are out of treatment options meet the criteria for testing within the FastTRK program.

Use of the drug resulted in an encouraging response when an infant patient received it off-label in a first-line setting.

Given the rarity of NTRK fusions, the company is also rolling out a free testing program to identify NTRK fusion-positive patients who would benefit from treatment.

The authors of a recently published study suggested that testing metastatic breast cancer patients for kinase fusions may open up additional treatment opportunities.

The analysis presented at the AACR Virtual Annual Meeting confirmed the effectiveness of the TRK inhibitor to treat cancer patients with NTRK gene fusions.

Under the deal, the companies aim to develop a companion diagnostic for Bayer's solid tumor drug larotrectinib for the Chinese market.

NICE reversed an earlier decision and issued a positive recommendation after Bayer discounted the price of the drug.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence draft guidance suggests more data is needed before using larotrectinib to treat UK cancer cases in histology-independent setting.