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Memorial Sloan-Kettering

The program is in its third year monitoring individuals with these mutations to try to detect disease early, understand their risk, and develop preventive treatments.

The trial, which received positive feedback from the FDA, will enroll patients who have a biomarker that may increase their chances of responding to the drug.

Epic may also develop a liquid biopsy test combining the chromosomal instability biomarker with other markers to predict prostate cancer treatment response.

The company announced the FDA has cleared its IND for ATA2271, allowing it to start a Phase I study of the autologous CAR T-cell therapy in advanced mesothelioma.

A new study found that FOXA1 missense mutations were enriched in metastatic breast tumors and were associated with lower response to aromatase inhibitors. 

Patients whose tumor cells express certain levels of the protein TEM 8 may be more likely to benefit from Seneca's investigational agent, according to MSK-led research.

A Myriad Genetics-funded team found that an 86-SNV polygenic score could modify breast cancer risk in women with pathogenic mutations in cancer risk genes.

Results show population screening can pick up risky BRCA1/2 mutations in men and women from Ashkenazi Jewish populations in the US, though engagement challenges remain.

Two studies presented at ASCO's virtual annual meeting demonstrated the clinical utility of germline findings in guiding treatment decisions in cancer.

Breast cancer risk in carriers of pathogenic CHEK2 variants may be classified as low, moderate, or high by adding in polygenic risk score and family history data.