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The firm's investigational immunotherapy PRGN-2009 will be evaluated in patients as a monotherapy and in combination with an investigational bifunctional fusion protein.

Researchers will use the funds to explore if the device can deplete circulating exosomes and make head and neck cancer patients more responsive to treatments.

Under the expanded collaboration, T-Cure and NHLBI will develop a companion test to identify HERV-E transcripts in patients' tumors.

A consortium convened by Friends of Cancer Research has made progress in quantifying sources of TMB assay discordance and created a new test-alignment software tool.

PRGN-2009 showed anti-tumor activity in preclinical studies and now will be evaluated in humans as a monotherapy and in combination with a bifunctional fusion protein.

From changes in trial enrollment to increased flexibility, clinical trials in precision oncology and other fields are feeling the brunt of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The authors of the study noted that these genetic findings could guide better clinical decisions for patients and improve outcomes.