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February 11, 2021
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Foundation Medicine

Virtual Molecular Tumor Board Series: HRD and DNA Damage Repair

Genome Webinar

Medical Director, Precision Medicine;
Geriatric Oncology Consortium

Chief, Precision Health and Genomics, Intermountain Healthcare

Research Scientist, Personalized Medicine Specialist
DeBartolo Family Personalized Medicine Institute, H. Lee, Moffitt Cancer Center

Co-Director, Oncology Precision Medicine Program, Aurora Health Care

Lead Variant Scientist, Intermountain Healthcare

In this session, the first in the Precision Oncology News Virtual Molecular Tumor Board Series, our expert panelists will review patient cases in which genomic profiling has identified biomarkers related to homologous recombination deficiency and DNA damage repair.

Initial interest in homologous recombination genes was focused on pathologic mutations associated with risk of inherited breast, prostate, pancreatic, and/or gynecological malignancies. HRD has recently emerged as a biomarker to predict sensitivity to PARP inhibitors, and the identification of these alterations has become important, accordingly.

Our panel will discuss several such clinical cases in detail and recommend a course of treatment based on the genomic profiles of the patients.

The session will wrap up with a live Q&A in which attendees can discuss the cases with the Virtual Molecular Tumor Board panelists.

About The Series 

The Virtual Molecular Tumor Board Series is an interactive and educational online program intended to highlight the key role that molecular tumor boards play in implementing precision oncology.

The series will underscore the collaborative nature of genomic medicine by assembling a multidisciplinary panel of experts who will meet virtually for four one-hour sessions. In each session, the panel will review the genomic and clinical evidence for anonymized patients who have had their tumors sequenced as part of clinical management. The panel will discuss each case and recommend a course of treatment.

Precision Oncology News would like to thank Clariifi for assistance in planning and executing this educational webinar series.

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This webinar, the first in our Next-Generation Proteomics for Precision Oncology series, will discuss how proteomics can help overcome the challenges of treating COVID-19 patients with oncologic comorbidities.

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This webinar, the second in our Next-Generation Proteomics for Precision Oncology series, will discuss how unbiased discovery proteomics can be used to identify new key mechanisms and signatures supporting clinical decision-making for melanoma patients.