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cancer vaccines

In the wake of encouraging interim results, Moderna plans to expand the head and neck cancer cohort of its mRNA-4157 plus Keytruda clinical trial.

The Phase Ib trial assessed the bespoke cancer vaccine NEO-PV-01 plus Opdivo as a treatment for patients with advanced melanoma, NSCLC, and bladder cancer.

The firm will conduct genomic and transcriptomic analysis to identify predictors of response to the personalized immunotherapy TG4050.

The Norwegian company will receive $200 million upfront from Genentech for the rights to its investigational neoantigen-based cancer vaccine, VB10.NEO.

Based on data showing a 93 percent 36-month overall survival rate with the TLPLDC vaccine, Elios will advance a registrational Phase III trial.

Investigators saw responses in one colorectal cancer and one breast cancer patient and are now studying differences between responders and non-responders.

The Phase IB trial will test whether UbiVac's cancer vaccine combined with BMS' T cell agonist and Opdivo can stimulate anti-cancer immunity in advanced TNBC patients.

The vaccine, based on a patient's unique tumor variations, will be combined with cytokine immunomodulator IL-12 and a PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor.

The company will soon start discussing registrational studies with the FDA and will report 36-month survival data in mid-2020.

A new study suggests that using rotavirus in combination with immune checkpoint blockade therapy could give oncologists a new way to treat pediatric cancers.