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Patients with two copies of mutant TP53 had worse survival and treatment response compared to patients with one copy who had similar outcomes to those with wildtype TP53.

The drug, designed to reactivate p53, will be evaluated in combination with chemotherapy and Venclexta as a frontline treatment for patients with TP53-mutant AML.

The new mutation may allow public health programs to refine inherited cancer risk screening for individuals in Brazil who also have the TP53-R337H mutation.

The company will test whether ALRN-6924 can protect patients with TP53-mutated small-cell lung cancer from the off-target effects of chemotherapy topotecan.

The drug, which is designed to restore normal functioning of p53, has allowed a promising proportion of TP53-mutated MDS patients to receive stem cell transplants in early trials.

The Canadian company said its technology platform allows it to match patients to cancer treatments more efficiently and to identify novel patient populations.