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PD-L1 Biomarkers

News and reporting on PD-L1 biomarkers.

The team will use NanoView's ExoView platform to characterize PD-L1 and other biomarkers carried by exosomes in plasma samples from patients undergoing therapy.

In a study presented at AACR, immunotherapy responses across 20 cancer types were consistently higher for tumors with TMB of at least 16 somatic mutations per megabase. 

In the Impower010 study, the PD-L1 inhibitor had promising activity in early-stage NSCLC patients, especially in those with PD-L1-positive tumors.

The personalized neoantigen-based vaccine, manufactured on a per-patient basis, will be evaluated in combination with Keytruda for melanoma and NSCLC.  

The study is using Natera's ctDNA test Signatera to screen patients who have evidence of disease after surgery to remove their tumor.

The drug will be withdrawn in this indication after its confirmatory trial in bladder cancer did not meet its primary endpoint.

Novartis plans to develop tislelizumab in combination with other agents in its pipeline and will commercialize the drug if it garners approval in these regions.

Advanced NSCLC patients must have a PD-L1 expression tumor proportion score of 50 percent, and no EGFR, ALK, or ROS1 alterations, to receive the drug.

The Phase II/III trial will assess Nektar's IL-2 pathway agent plus Keytruda in PD-L1-positive, squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.

Infinity is planning a registration-enabling study in advanced urothelial cancer and other studies to establish eganelisib's activity in PD-L1-low patients.