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artificial intelligence

The company hopes the collaboration will allow it to home in on a molecularly defined population of patients likely to benefit from its targeted agent LP-184.

The company, which has a pipeline of six oncology drug assets and an AI-based diagnostic platform, now hopes to reach patients in the US oncology market.

Six large clinical systems will join Indivumed's global network and contribute multiomics data to the company's growing database.  

The health system's Indianapolis-based Franciscan Health Cancer Center will adopt Deep Lens VIPER to match patients to trials based on the genetic profiles of their cancers.

With $6.5M in new funding, the Israeli bioinformatics startup is looking to open a US office as it builds relationships with pharma, cancer centers, and payors.

BostonGene will analyze the tumors of patients enrolled in NEC or NEC-affiliated clinical trials and NEC will use the data to help improve treatment responses.  

The partners will use ReviveMed's AI-driven platform to better understand mechanisms of immunotherapy response and resistance in cancer patients.

Lantern Pharma is using its RADR platform to repurpose two drugs currently in clinical trials and advance a new drug in preclinical testing.

The initial investment is led by Debiopharm, which will collaborate with the Israeli startup to accelerate discovery of biomarkers for oncology drug response.

The startup has exclusively licensed an integration engine from the University of Miami to augment its VIPER platform and improve trial recruitment specifically in precision oncology.