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CAR therapies

As part of the deal, Atara will receive $60 million upfront and be eligible for up to $610 million in milestone payments, as well as tiered royalties based on net sales.

Kymriah and Yescarta were evaluated in indolent NHL subtypes, and Yescarta was evaluated in the front-line setting for high-risk large B-cell lymphoma.

With improved understanding of the role of this biomarker, Stanford researchers hope to advance a next-generation CAR that can overcome resistance.

The GD2-directed treatment had varying degrees of activity in a small Phase I study, though further improvements are needed to achieve durable responses.

The company has used its semi-closed electroporation system to manufacture autologous CAR T cells to treat ovarian cancer and leukemia patients in two trials.

The company's T-cell product, PRIME IL-15, which is loaded with an IL-15fc nanogel, led 10 out of 17 advanced solid tumor patients to have stable disease.

The agency ordered Poseida to halt the trial in August after a patient died but is now allowing the company to resume the study with an amended protocol.

The results demonstrated the safety and preliminary efficacy of bispecific, anti-CD19, anti-CD20 CAR T-cell therapy for patients with B-cell cancers.

The study identified multiple clusters of engineered natural killer T cells based on RNA-seq and found that they could be effective against the disease.

Patients in the Phase II trial will receive infusions of autologous T cells that have been genetically engineered to remove the intracellular checkpoint CISH.